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Griffin Technology offers consumers an assortment of great accessories for personal computing and digital media. The company began in 1992 and is today one of the largest providers of accessories for a number of electronic products!

Products are categorized at Griffin Technology by:

Specific items for sale are:

Products are available in a variety of colors, patterns and price points. There are:

The products are sold on the website as well as by retailers located worldwide in:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australia/Oceania
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • South America

Domestic items normally ship in 1-2 business days, while international shipping takes 2 business days.

Griffin Technology: What makes it different?

Characteristics of Griffin Technology that make this product unique in the online marketplace are:

  • Focuses on accessories instead of selling both devices and the products that go along with them. The focus creates specialization and diversification of the products carried.
  • Carries accessories for several major brands! The products are compatible with:
    • Apple
    • Samsung
    • Blackberry
    • Many Other Manufacturers
  • Has a related blog, linked to the main website. The blog discusses current technical issues and links with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The information-sharing site is a great way to link consumers and provide more than just products. Many competitors focus only on selling products.
  • Offers Live Support feature. Consumers are able to click the button and begin live discussion with Griffin Technology staff. Many competitors only provide email or phone options for customer service.
  • Downloads of user guides related to products sold at Griffin Technologies are available through the website. There are also helpful "How To" videos related to the items. The website provides useful tips for consumers that extend beyond the product sale.
  • Have their own Apps for the IPhone, iPad and iPod!
Griffin Technology vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Griffin Technology)

Leading competitors to Griffin Technology are all4cellularOrionGadgets and Wireless Emporium.

Pros of all4cellular, compared to Griffin Technology, are:

  • Accepts PayPal and Google Checkout in addition to credit cards. Griffin Technology only accepts credit cards.
  • Has a new featured deal every 24 hours. Griffin Technology does not have this sales schedule.
  • Focuses only on cellphone products; sells more products in this category than does Griffin Technology.

Cons of all4cellular are:

  • Sells only cellphone related products, while Griffin Technology also carries products for tablets and iPads.
  • Less attractive website than Griffin Technology.
  • Does not provide helpful videos on the website the way that Griffin Technology does.

For OrionGadgets, the pros are:

  • Accepts PayPal, whereas Griffin Technology does not accept this payment method.
  • Orders within Canada and the US are shipped for free. At Griffin Technology, shipping is only free on orders over $29.99.
  • International consumers save up to 82% off typical international shipping rates with OrionGadgets, due to their cooperation with Bongo International. Griffin Technology does not offer this perk for international shoppers.

Cons of OrionGadgets, compared to Griffin Technology, are:

  • Founded in 2003, whereas Griffin Technology dates back to 1992! Consumers may appreciate the longer length of time for Griffin Technology.
  • Do not have a blog to provide extra information as a service to consumers the way Griffin Technology does.
  • Do not create their own Mobile Apps. Griffin Technology does have its own Apps.

For Wireless Emporiumpros are:

  • Specializes in cell phone accessories, while these products are only a section of Griffin Technology.
  • Has an Upgrade Checker service for consumers to see if they are eligible for a new phone through specific carriers. Griffin Technology does not provide this service.
  • Free shipping, regardless of size or weight. At Griffin Technology, shipping is only free on domestic orders over $29.99.

Cons of Wireless Emporium, compared to Griffin Technology, are:

  • Less visually appealing website than Griffin Technology.
  • Do not sell electronic accessories that are not cell-phone related; Griffin Technology has more product variety.
  • Inability to search by price for products; Griffin Technology has the price search filter within its product categories.
Griffin Technology: Pricing & packages

Pricing at Griffin Technology is very competitive with other online retailers. Here are examples of current prices on the website:

While Griffin Technology has more variety of electronic accessories than Wireless Emporium, some of Wireless Emporium products are cheaper in comparison. One example is within the iPhone 4s accessories categories on each website. Prices at Griffin Technology are slightly higher than at Wireless Emporium. Here is a comparison example:

  • Wireless Emporium - Apple iPhone 4S Purple Flowers Snap-On Protector Case Faceplate $12.99 USD (Regular $19.99)
  • Griffin Technology - Elan Form Exotics for iPhone 4 - $29.99 USD

There are sales items spread throughout the electronic categories at Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology: Product images & screenshots
Griffin Technology Coupons
Get Save Up To 40% Off Griffin Technology On Amazon @ Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology: Customer reviews & comments

There are customer reviews on the Web for Griffin Technology; however most of the reviews focus on the products rather than the website experience. Here are a few reviews:

Jeremy writes that the AutoPilot car charger from Griffin Technology is worth the higher price:

  • ...As its price suggests, Griffin Technology's new AutoPilot ($50) is one of the premium chargers, differentiated from the masses by two features, both found on its black cigarette lighter power bulb... From our perspective, AutoPilot is, like Griffin’s earlier SmartDeck, a nice alternative to the traditional remote control that will vary dramatically in utility from car to car..."

Currently, there is a consumer complaint on Griffin Technology's Twitter feed:

  • "Thanks for having me by the same IPhone case in 7 Months. You stink! #no3rd
    • Pibb Ford, Twitter for @griffintech

Mike at Griffin Technology Tweeted this reply the following hour:

  • "We have a one-year warranty on all of our cases. If it's defective, hit up support for a replacement! ^Mike"
    • @griffintech

Another Twitter follower, Tyler, complains that packaging is wasteful:

  • "...need new packaging...way too big a box (power dual jolt) and chincy..."
    • Tyler Briggs, Twitter for @griffintech

Again, Mike at Griffin Technology replied to the Tweet with this message:

  • "We're always striving to minimize our packaging's footprint, so I'll be sure to pass your concerns to our packaging team. ^Mike"
    • @griffintech
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Save Up To 40% Off Griffin Technology On Amazon @ Griffin Technology